What Are These Resources About?

Hello to you readers! My name is Samantha Boutureira, and I am a senior at Doral Academy. A little more about me let’s see, I am a die-hard theatre kid, a nerdy AP student, and a lover of community service. I have been participating in service events beginning in Actor’s Playhouse, a regional theatre, since middle school and now continuing that passion through events with the Roxy Theatre Company, a non-profit in Kendall, Miami.

Performing has always been my greatest passion and I have grown immensely from service events; I have grown not only as an artist, but also a person. When you‘re younger, you tend to not realize the importance of your actions. You don’t realize that donating that one can of food actually feeds someone that hasn’t eaten in days or those few hours you spend performing can help raise actual money to fund research to find a cure for cancer or other seemingly incurable diseases.

I still feel like I am a little too young to truly understand the impact of my words and my actions, but I have gone through enough that I can proudly say that donating time and services to others is one of the most rewarding parts of life. You come out feeling like a better person; like someone confident and proud which is hard for me to feel since I have very low self-esteem, I’ve always had very low self-esteem even before high school, but through helping others I have been able to see and appreciate those parts of myself people also tend to like.

Funnily enough, I help others and they help me. They’ve unknowingly helped me grow into a more confident young woman, and I can’t thank them enough for it. I have been able to blossom through service and if my younger self would’ve known that if you better other’s lives I don’t even think she would’ve even believed me. Time is the greatest gift one can give, and, in return, you might be able to realize the value of time, which is, ironically, invaluable.

Through this blog I hope to spread the message of service through performance so that the multitude of talented, South Floridian students have better access to events like these. It is invaluable that we make it accessible to our children to find out how and where because if we don’t, we are closing them off from personal growth and priceless experiences.

I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more, so be sure to subscribe below to get notified when there’s new updates.

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